When I first heard of Pia, owner of Sweet Digs, I was so intrigued by her story. We over here at MoodWellth firmly believe in making sure your home is a place you LOVE coming home to. It’s your sanctuary, your fun spot, your joy giver, all in one. So, the fact that Pia helps people achieve this is amazing. But what’s even more amazing is how she got to this point.

She’s a former attorney who graduated from one of the top law schools in the country, had the wedding of her dreams (well, someone’s dreams) and a big beautiful house that she still wasn’t happy in. So, one day she decided to take control of her narrative, quit her job, got a divorce and started creating the life she wanted to live instead of what was expected of her. I love how she talks about the way she decluttered her home and her life. Talk about a total badass!

As the owner of Sweet Digs, Pia teaches her clients how to bring a little more joy into their homes and their hearts, just like she did. Using the Konmari method, her approach to home organization is about empowering her clients to discard and keep things based on what gives them joy instead of what’s expected of them. Many times we buy things based on societal pressure and really don’t stop to ask ourselves if it’s something that will add value to our home and lives, or something that will just add to the numerous other things we’ve purchased but don’t use. Well, Pia’s job is to get her clients to ask themselves that simple question and we are here for it.

I’m not sure if she realizes it, but Pia is making history by showing people what it means to truly design their lives in ways that support their ability to be their whole selves, both in and out of their homes. Thanks for being the sacred space holder you are, Sis. We appreciate all you’re doing to help people change their lives, one room at a time.