Sometimes the healing process can become all too consuming. When we discover old trauma, childhood wounds, and overall, parts of ourselves that we’ve come to realize no longer serve us, we can get hyper-focused on “fixing” that we forget to just live. Living is a huge part of healing. You don’t have to fight every day. You don’t have to work on healing every day. You don’t have to be “productive” every day. As you heal, make sure you continue to make space for the things you enjoy, rest and relaxation, learning something new, and living your life. It will keep the healing process much more sustainable. As you continue to find that balance, I wanted to leave you with some gentle reminders while healing.

There’s life after the pain

There’s life after the divorce, the job loss, the betrayal, the challenges in your marriage, the conflict with family and friends, and even the loss of a loved one. It might be really hard right now, but it won’t be this way forever. Keep going!

You can still live life AND heal at the same time

Self-work isn’t your ONLY priority in life. Learning how to embrace life is also part of the healing process. Enjoying your favorite meal, sipping your favorite tea, hanging with your favorite people…is what helps you find that balance between living and healing.

Healing isn’t linear

Some days you might feel empowered and evolved. Other days you might feel broken and back at square one. Celebrate your good days and show yourself grace and compassion on the hard days. Healing is about loving yourself through all of it.

You can do this

Your healing journey will be hard and frustrating at times. You will be triggered and those triggers will try to convince you that you can’t do this. Don’t believe it! Surround yourself with people who believe in you and keep taking those gradual steps to love yourself back to wholeness.