In honor of Women’s History Month, we decided to honor women we love and follow for being the sacred space holders they are.  All month long, we will be highlighting, honoring and celebrating Black women who are making history when it comes to holding sacred space for themselves and others.

First up is Leslie of Brown Girls Embrace. Leslie Ann has an incredible story of turning her pain into purpose. As a daddy’s girl, who treated her like the Queen she is, her world was turned upside down when she lost him to suicide when she was just 9 years old. Six months later, Leslie Ann was diagnosed with diabetes. As you can imagine, these changes began to change her and she became angry, questioned her worth, hated her hair and skin and felt very alone.

Years later, while in therapy, Leslie discovered she had been suffering from anxiety and depression and decided to do the self-work it took to heal. However, she didn’t stop there. As she began to embrace herself more and more, she wanted to encourage other Black women to do the same. So, in a quest to turn her pain into purpose, she decided to create Brown Girls Embrace. Brown Girls Embrace provides a safe space for women who have overcome past trauma to embrace themselves. She motivates women to be positive and gain self-confidence despite their trials and encourages them to take time for self-care.

Overall, Leslie’s mission and the mission of Brown Girls Embrace is to encourage women to look in the mirror and start finding value in themselves and others for who they are so they can embrace who they’re becoming. That’s definitely a mission we can get behind. Leslie, we honor, uplift and celebrate you today and everyday. Thanks for all you do, Queen! The world needs more sacred space holders like you.