Your environment has everything to do with your mental well-being and your home is a huge part of your environment. Being able to walk into that space to decompress and feel relaxed is really important. There is a psychological connection between how organized, relaxed and inspired you feel in your home and how organized, relaxed and inspired you feel in your mind. Creating a space that supports your ability to be your whole self is a critical part of creating a life that supports your ability to be your whole self. Below are some ways to consider changing your home so that it feels like a safe space when you walk in your door.

Create a meditation or mindfulness corner or room

Having a specific place to go to in your room each time you want to fit in some pockets of peace increases the likelihood of your doing so regularly and helps make meditation and mindfulness even more effective.

Declutter your home

As we mentioned earlier, there is a connection between a home that is cluttered and a mind that is cluttered. Take time to declutter the rooms in your home even if you have to gradually do so, room by room. Find creative ways to organize the spaces in your home, keeping what you need and purging what you don’t.

Check your lighting

Open the curtains and blinds and let some sunshine in. The vitamin D you get from the sun is great for your mood. Not to mention that poorly lit rooms, be it natural light or otherwise, can feel depressing. So, if you don’t have windows in certain rooms, consider things like large mirrors, hidden led lights or painting the walls while to help brighten up the space.

Add a pop of color

Different colors have different influences on your energy. For example, blue is soothing, yellow emotes happiness and orange can lead to feelings of warmth and excitement. You can add pops of color with an accented wall, pillows and other d├ęcor in your home.