When you’re stressed at work, it can negatively impact your personal life as well. Preventing tension from building up improves your health and productivity daily. To relieve pent-up anxiety, take a break and implement one of these strategies during the workday.

Turn Up the Music

Listening to music has been linked to a reduction in stress levels. Listen to a soothing playlist during lunch breaks or while you are at your desk to feel better. Make it extra special by including your favorite song. Listening to music while working can be an effective way to avoid stress during a challenging project.

Take a Walk Outside

Nature can provide mental health benefits in just 10 minutes. Taking a walk outside is also beneficial for anxiety reduction since regular exercise is also associated with lower stress levels. Take a ten-minute break to enjoy the fresh air and clear your head. 

Zone In On Your Body

One of the easiest and quick ways to relieve stress is to practice mindfulness. Concentrate on your body movement, the sensation of your body against the chair, and anything you can smell or hear around you. Try focusing your attention on how the five senses are involved in what you are doing now. You can help your mind and release unhelpful thoughts and background stress by focusing on the present moment. 

Insist on Clear Communication

Uncertainty over responsibilities and roles can lead to a great deal of tension at work. If your workload is confusing or stressing you out, tell your co-workers and supervisors. You should seek clarification if a task is too open-ended. As a result, you’ll be more relaxed and organized throughout the workday.