Workplace Happiness-Your Voice Matters

Have you ever gone to your boss to talk about how you are feeling at work and have them say to you, “You should consider yourself blessed you have a job?” Here is another one, “You should be happy you have a job.” As if in asking the question, you must choose between having a roof over your head or being in a good mental space and valued at work. Many of us have been in that position.

6 Ways Melanated Women Can Boost Mental Wellness

Sometimes the steps we take to boost our mental wellness might look a little different from others. It’s not just about having a spa day or getting your nails done. It’s an ongoing process  of unlearning many of the concepts that were passed down through multigenerational racial trauma, constant recovery of systematic oppression we experience on a regular basis and protecting ourselves from the constant trauma we relive as the media repetitively displays racially motivated hate crimes.

You Can Have Jesus and a Therapist

The intersection of therapy and faith has been a complex topic in the Black community. Many Christians feel like Jesus is their therapy, and have often indirectly or directly discouraged people from seeking help outside of the church. On the other hand,