In our quest to redefine strength when it comes to Black womanhood, it’s important to have meaningful conversations about what that does and doesn’t look like. It has been so unhealthy for us to continue to try and fulfill this unhealthy ideology of the “strong black woman.” However, we can create a new set of principles that are not only realistic but allows us to show up as our authentic selves in an unapologetic and human way. So let’s examine what a new set of principles might look like by talking about 5 things mentally strong Black Women do.

 We go hard for people we’re in relationships with but ONLY when the effort is mutual

Black women are some of the most nurturing people on the planet. We love hard and we are so loyal to the ones we love. However, sometimes we have to take a step back to determine if the people we are fighting so hard for would actually do the same for us. Being selective with who we give our best to is one way we retain our strength.


We are our own source of approval and validation

We understand that our peace is more important than anyone’s opinion, approval, or acceptance of us. So, we take time speaking life into ourselves using positive affirmations and tapping into our inner voice, learning how to become our own source of validation.

We let people go

We understand that history doesn’t mean obligation or alignment. Some people who come into our lives are just passing through. We let them pass because holding on could hurt us both in the long run.